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Sharing is Caring (or some shit), Day 5

Stole this from [info]stolenxsanity

Sharing is Caring:

For one week, recommend / share:
Day 1: a song
Day 2: a picture
Day 3: a book/ebook/fanfic
Day 4: a site
Day 5: a youtube clip
Day 6: a quote
Day 7: whatever tickles your fancy

YouTube is amazing. That is all.

Because Hayley can out-sing you and probably your Mom, and Kings of Leon own a little of my soul:

Because I plan to do something fun like this when I actually have a wedding:

Because it's Twilight and hilarious:

Because this is the only shark video I can watch without hiding my face:

Because it is from an epic, epic movie and if you don't like it, I'm not sure we can remain friends: 

And finally, just because it makes me smile:

Oh, come on. You knew I'd post more than one. :)

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