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I. Met. Rob. Pattinson.

Rob was in Dallas yesterday for the Twilight Tour (duh).


First things first: Two friends and I stayed in the Windham hotel, which is actually in the Dallas Galleria. We did it so that we would be close to the action and so that we could attempt to sleep at some point.


At 4AM, we took a walk to the place where we’d line up, and saw a mob standing across the street under an overpass and realized how lucky we were to be inside, where it was warm and not rainy.


Anyway, we waited in line in the lobby til 5:20, at which point the police pulled us down to the street level and then at 5:28, they escorted us to the place where we were supposed to be able to buy tickets, provided we got in. At that point, I am telling you that our lives flashed before our eyes and we all suddenly really felt compassion for poor Rob and all the screaming he has to endure, because the mob under the overpass started screaming because we were given a slight head start. In the end, it hardly mattered, because some of those people ended up in front of us in line.There were some crazies who should have been escorted from the property, and I know a lot of the folks who were there and had traveled far (like we did) didn't even up getting in, but I don't feel like it's worth being angry over because the odds of getting in were pretty slim anyway; there were 3000 people  there and only 500 tickets available, and since some people were buying for people who weren't there (which is totally unfair, if you ask me), they went quickly. I am still of the opinion that it should have been a 1 wristband limit, not 2.


So, we zig-zag through the line and get up to the front, and as it turns out, we are numbers 102, 103 and 104, which guaranteed us a few minutes with Rob and an autograph, which was really quite exciting. The Summit and Twilight Staff workers were incredibly well organized, and came through the line, confirming what number of tickets we’d be getting and giving detail about when to come back. There were also 25 police officers manning the event, which may explain why it was so organized and ran pretty smoothly, considering; This was no San Francisco. The police were escorting people off the property who were pushing, screaming, cursing and even attempting to walk in front of them. Contrary to what some people are posting, it was not unorganized, but lots of fangirls are crazy, so there were quite a few nasty girls there who ruined it for a lot of the folks who were standing under the overpass.


Then, when they get to the 500th ticket, the crowds scream again, and are asked to leave the area, but of course they didn’t. There were people stalking the area, asking if anyone had extra wristbands and all of that.


We get escorted into the mall and get some preliminary information and go into Hot Topic and buy our shirts (which are pretty cool – it’s a complete cast photo) and go on our merry way, glad that we’re staying in the hotel that is attached to the mall, so we can completely avoid the angry and disappointed masses.


Fast forward to 5pm that evening:


We go back to the mall and get in line, and then, the HT workers divided everyone into groups of 15 to go into the store. As soon as I got to the front of the line, my heart started beating about a million beats per minute but I swore to myself that I’d remember that Rob is an ordinary guy … albeit an extraordinarily attractive one. We get to the front of the store and I look in and immediately notice he’s trimmed his hair, and it looks quite nice.


We walk in, and the guy manning the line says he’s going to “give Mr. Pattinson a moment between groups” and wanted to give us a chance to chat with him, so I had to stand and look in Rob’s direction for a minute while he took a breather (darn). Then, when it was our turn, I walked up and he was shuffling some posters around in front of him and I said, “Hello.” (Inside, the fangirl in me was totally losing her shit, and my heart was still racing, but I didn’t want to be *that* girl, so I ignored it.) He said hello and looked up at me with a smile … and when he looked into my eyes, I swear, I could have melted to the floor. But instead, I said, “How are you?” and he answered, “I’m alright, how are you?” (in his delicious accent, of course). I said I was great, and then said, “Thank you for being here” and he smiled again and said, “Of course. Thank you for coming”, handed me my poster and then looked at me and said, “I’ve got to get a new pen!” (lol - he definitely came off as a bit of a nerd, and I totally loved it). But I’m telling you, it was enough to make me sufficiently dazzled and I walked out of the Hot Topic in a complete and total daze.


He was totally sweet and gracious and appreciative, I think, that we weren’t all losing our minds in front of him, and I’m telling you, his smile set my heart to racing even faster than it already was. I wondered briefly if I was going to have to sit down and catch my breath. And, I’ll admit that I would have been in heaven if they’d have allowed photos. But moving on …


We walked down to the Q&A, which was, quite honestly, the most disappointing part of the day.


It was open to the public, which sounds like a good idea, but I don’t really think it was because there were something like 5000 people all standing around and no one would stop screaming for long enough to understand what our poor Rob was saying. And, he was almost a different person while he was standing there on stage; he was nervous and even attempted to hide at one point. I was really, really glad that we got to chat with him, brief as it was, before the Q&A and I’m still of the opinion that it should have been only open to the 500 people who were part of the signing. I know that would have made a lot of people angry, but no one could understand what was being said anyway, so it was really quite pointless.


And, in case you’re wondering: He was wearing a short sleeved, button up grey shirt over a pale blue t-shirt and black pants, along with the black Nikes he wore at the NYC Apple Store event, and when he came out on stage for the debacle that was the Q&A session, he’d pulled on a black jacket.

I thought about the event after the fact, and what I experienced while there: Erratic heart beating, issues breathing, walking out in a daze ... That would have been exactly how Bella felt with Edward, which is rather fitting, if you think about it.

And yes, he was astoundingly gorgeous in person.

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